Finding Hope

Hi! I’m Hope, and I’ve lost who I am, and what I’m about over the last 5 years. I’ve gained weight, and slowly isolated myself. Now with a few more unexpected life changes, I’ve decided to stop this run away train of decline. I have a loose plan how to do this, like many people I’ve tried before to loose weight. Something about this time feels different, This blog is my way of staying accountable, and journaling along the way. I am by no means a professional writer, or weight loss expert. What I am is a person hell bent on changing and improving her life! This will definitely be trial and error. I kinda feel as though it’s a diary, so I can look back on my progress and trials and tribulations along this journey. I don’t have a posting schedule, although I do plan on definitely posting on weigh day. Posting pictures may take awhile, who wants to post their “fat” pictures! I will be taking them, and when I’m brave enough, I’ll post.
So, Here I go…weigh in tomorrow for beginning start weight, geesh.
But it’ll be the last time I see that number! I’m so bad at building my blog page, it’s really confusing, but I’ll learn and update and improve as I go. It’s so weird to think people would read my blog, but I think it will be cathartic, Be Nice Guys..LOL!
See you later gators,
Oh, well goodnight


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