Very BAD Tuesday and Wednesday!!

Tuesday I ate pretty good, but blew it by wolfing down.. And I’m ashamed the large bag of lays..& Chessman cookies while watching Love Actually..( I💞that movie) Then yesterday didn’t eat all day running errands, helping my mom, and then had Burger King and flaming hot Cheetos( big bag) which I paid for all night(TMI) dang-it!
I have a portion control problem, I need to find out how to fix..soon. And I have triggers, once I eat the salty food it all goes down hill, so resisting the salt cravings, new goal, but today back on track! I’m forgiving myself for the past 2 days, and making the right choices today, it’s like an addict, 1 day at a time, 1 choice at a time.
Happy Hump Day all…FH
P.s.-And putting myself on a sleep schedule, in bed by 11pm, up by 7:30am, sleep deprivation makes you fat/unhealthy too….FH
#forgiveness, #healthy eating, #portion control



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