Happy Monday

I think of these first 2 weeks of my wlj as detox. Detoxing from the junk I’ve eaten for way too long, so the goal is to cleanse my palette of the sugar, salt, fatty cravings, so I’m mainly just cooking every meal ( in bulk, 4 the week ) & eating as clean as I know how (researching) & reprogramming myself. This is definitely not a race for me, I’m teaching myself as I go & unlike every other time before, not putting a specific goal weight on a time frame, what I loose in 3 months is whatever it’s going to be! So this first month is probably going to be more like adding in good habits, setting up a meal schedule (when to eat), & cooking, cooking, cooking…no more outside food (boxes, fast food, processed), Hope everyone’s having a super Monday….#1 choice at a time


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