First Weigh-In…OMGoodness!

Good Morning!

First weigh-in…OMG! 298lbs, wtf! ok, now to get to work, my weigh day will be Mondays. I’ll be skipping this upcoming Monday and weighing the following Monday on the 30th. I’ll be using MyFitnessPal to track calories,I’ll post my username if anyone wants to join in and support each other,  and using the setting to loose 1 &1/2lbs a week, slowly but surely. I won’t be exercising until 4-6wks in, I’ve noticed when I start everything at once I feel overwhelmed. I’ve promised myself no bulls*&t, and to document honestly, and to make sure to express how I’m feeling and document my struggles and my triumphs. I’ll be posting recipes and pictures of homemade meals, and healthy info and just..everything! I’m sure there will be a lot of randomness, as that’s how my brain works ( all over the place ),  I have to check out other peoples blogs and learn how to set mines up better and categorize stuff for access. I’m taking this 3 months at a time, 12/19/2013 end of first quarter, I’m excited to see myself in 3 months! I’m just a average woman changing her life, well starting to live it again, So… here I go…Starting to Find Hope<3

I can use all the SUPPORT I can get!

START WEIGHT: 298@ 5’7″

GOAL WEIGHT: 150-160


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